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The Monastery

We are in one of the Cisterian Order’s monasteries, constructed on the year 1.160 in Catalonia. It’s first years were marked by the austere lifestyle of the monks, and by economical problems. In the 13th century, the King Peter III the Great, patron of the monastery, was buried in the Church. Is commented that before dying he gave the Holy Grail to the monks since they would hide it in a secret place. You must follow the tracks and solve the enigmas that the monks left, which you will find through the rooms of the Monastery, until you find the Calyx, and exit with it. A group of private collectors want to get this unique piece, and they will arrive soon. We have been informed that they are at an hour away…


Game options

MEDIUM level, for beginner players or couples.

HIGH level for expert players or for those who like the challenges.

TENSION level, first steps in fear rooms (no acting).

Check if you have any doubts, then it cannot be changed.

Fear, no fear

 WITHOUT FEAR: No frights or tension. You must come with the idea to spend a funny and enterteining time and obtain the challenge.

WITH FEAR: Experience the first steps of a room escape with fear. With some small scares, with some tension. The souls of the monks have awakened after centuries of lethargy, and they will not allow you to usurp the Holy Grail. ONLY FOR THE BRAVE!!!


All the tracks and cruxes are related to aspects of the culture, but the solution for all them you will find them inside the own game.


Use of the force

Never. Not to jump, to crawl for the soil, etc. You must only to think. Do not force any object, they all are obtained or are opened by a mechanism or code. They are sets and attrezzo.

Time, tour and help

60 minutes. NO LINEAR TOUR: Tracks and clues can be used in any of the room. The monk will adapt suggestions and clues depending wether you are beginners or experts.


The setting is adapted to the history. There are padlocks, handcrafted mechanisms and enough work to solve. There are no digital elements in the interior, because they would not fit with the history.



All the tracks are in FOUR LANGUAGES, Spanish, Catalan, English and French. The explanations and the helps you can also choose in what language you wish.


De lo más entretenido!!!: ¡Que grata sorpresa cuando detrás de la puerta profundizamos en la historia de Catalunya y sus leyendas! A dia de hoy es el primer room que hacemos histórico y cabe decir que nos lo pasamos bomba!!! De los mejores que he jugado a dia de hoy con toda sinceridad!!!

Maese Reda F - Trip Advisor

Sorpresa: Experiencia muy interesante, no habiamos hecho nunca un escape room. Pruebas imgeniosas de resolver enigmas de caracter cultural, matemático y de ingenio. Altamnete recomendable. Te pasa el tiempo volando. Requiere mucha concentración y colaboración

Lucia C - Trip Advisor

Los monjes sabían lo que hacían… y escondieron muy bien el santo grial, pero con la ayuda de uno de ellos conseguimos encontrarlo y alejarlo de los coleccionistas. Una room-escape llena de acertijos bien encadenados que no paran de hacerte pensar. Una ambientación que te hace adentrarte en la historia y una sorpresiva agradable e inesperada.

Dunacat8 - Trip Advisor

En esta sala has de poner todas las neuronas en marcha! Hay bastante cosas para hacer! La decoración muy adecuada y las pruebas muy bien metidas en la historia.

Room Adictos - Google

Un lugar genial. Disfrutamos mucho toda la familia. Un 10 de Game Master. Abre otro pronto!!!!

Laura mll - Google

Muy interesante, excelente ambientación, pruebas singulares. Bravo!

Drake Drake - Google

Nos ha encantado adentrarnos en este monasterio Cister . Ambientación, iluminación, y acertijos diferentes a otros scape rooms. Un game máster genial que te acompaña en todo el juego, y comprensivo con una destroyer!

Sonia - Facebook